NordPass Review 2022

We lock passwords.You hold the key.

NordPass makes importing and saving passwords simple. Despite several additional security features, there are still no heritage options and there are major limitations to the free version.

For each of our online accounts, few people can remember strong and varied passwords. That's fine, as password managers like NordPass can be found readily. This NordVPN team offering is an easy-to-use and streamlined service for secure access by mobile applications, web dashboards or dedicated desktop applications to your passwords. It has added some remarkable features, including a data breach scanner and health report for passwords. However, our highly-qualified password managers still lack some key capabilities and their free version isn't as impressive as competitors.

NordPass features many standard features to meet the majority of users, as well as strong encryption. wThere are certain logistical problems, but we would like to recommend this Password manager as a strong solution to the biggest rivals at $3 per month.

Here are the main features you’ll find in the NordPass app:

  • Master password to access password vault
  • Store passwords in folders in the cloud
  • Access passwords on desktop or mobile apps
  • Generate random passwords (adjustable according to account requirements)
  • Autosave passwords when you log in to a new account
  • Autofill passwords when you revisit websites
  • Easy import for existing passwords
  • Password strength checker
  • Regular automatic backups to the cloud and syncing across devices
  • Share passwords with trusted contacts safely (avoid man-in-the-middle attacks)
  • Add encrypted notes to store other password-related information
  • Store credit card details for easy access
  • XChaCha20 encryption to secure your data
  • Zero-knowledge architecture so no one has access to your information
  • Two-factor authentication and biometric authentication
  • OCR scanning for inputting card details and other information
  • Offline mode
  • Straightforward export options

Log in your favorite websites and apps by clicking on it in a single place. With NordPass, even if you are offline, access your login credentials on any device.

Why do I need a password manager?

Forget password resets

  • Don’t lose access to accounts that matter just because you forgot a password — always find it in NordPass.
  • When creating new accounts, save your details in a click. Have them handy even if you log in only once in a while.

Free your memory

  • Your memory isn’t infinite, but the NordPass vault is. Store unlimited passwords and secure notes in a single place.
  • NordPass syncs your passwords across all devices so you’d have them ready wherever you are.

Browse and shop faster

  • NordPass recognizes your favorite websites and automatically fills your login details when signing in.
  • Do you shop online frequently? Store your credit card details and shipping information for a smoother checkout.