buy an article or write them yourself

As a blogger do you buy article or write it yourself?

When you start your first day as a blogger, you maybe have a question in your head like Do every blogger purchase content, or they wrote it by themselves? Of course, to build a great blog page is not an easy task you must have good content for your reader, and also, you must be active and frequently come up with a new exciting post.

But people are not a machine, bad day good day happened, sometime thing is going not right then you maybe feel not good to do anything you have a problem to solve, but your reader won't know, and they are perhaps waiting to read your post but where are you? A blogger website with exciting content, for my point of view it's just like we run a business if you close your doors like weeks or months then your clients will go to another shop so if your blogs or website don't have any new content at all then you may be losing your reader.

So even you sick, have a busy schedule, or you got some trouble. Still, your blogs or website will keep your reader enjoy their reading because there are many groups out there that provide guest posting, pre-write articles for sale, and sure they will keep your website busy for you.

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Another Reason to consider hired someone to write articles for you is, if you blog is more than just a sharing experience, some kind more about how-to article, instructional or product reviews that need a professional one to write it for you, then you can hire or purchase it the option is yours.

Futhermore, hire professional writers also can create outstanding content, Google is happy with that kind of content it unique, relevancy and best quality.

Now lets me introduce you to know about one from many article writers out there is, BuySellText – was created for one simple reason is

  • To solve the two problems that we have a hard time to find good writers who can deliver excellent content at any time as we needed.
  • With BuySellText, it's also the right place for Writer how looking for clients.

The Writer that available on BuySellText are only from U.S, U.K, and Canada based authors. You can hire them to write on any project like Blog Posts, Authoritative Content, Product Descriptions, Press releases, Buying guides, reviews, and also social network posts.

They also claim that their platform will provide a smooth way for clients to process the order, track, and download completed content all in one platform. The price is also competitive, even it big a small. And if you concern that your project will be on hold for some reason, don't worry because they have many writers in their team to make sure that your project will always have someone working on it.

Finally, buy content from outsource or write it yourself is depend on situations, for me, I'm not a good writer I write content base on habit and experienced so I just write it myself, but if something trouble happen that keep me from writing, sure I will asking to outsource writer to do it. I hope that you don't keep your readers waiting for your return to give them a good thing to read, sometimes you can consider used someone's service to make sure your blog or website can keep running and come back when you are ready! Have a good day!


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