Can Facebook Really Be Used to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding?

Can Facebook really plan a dream wedding?

The answer is yes, Facebook is not just for lurking on your old classmates from high school. You can actually plan a wedding! Lots of wedding vendors have turned to social media as a way to book clients. So this makes finding and booking that amazing wedding venue you saw while squirreling through your Facebook feed.

There are plenty more sites that can help you plan your wedding. If you needed the wedding idea or inspiration you can racily look on Pinterest and create a wedding Board where you can save any DIY or idea that you find. You can even share with your bride mates for a second opinion by allowing them to see your wedding board If you aren't fan of sending wedding invitations by mail there is a way better option. Invites! It can be as easy as pressing a button.

Thanks to websites like you can racily send invites to all your friends and family and keep track of who has RSVP or not. If your one of those couples that like to document your whole wedding journey you can create a wedding website that can racily organize everything from the color patterns you chose to the honeymoon destination. When you hire a wedding photographer it can take weeks before you see a single photo from your wedding day. But thanks to apps and social media you can racily create a hashtag were wedding guests simply just use the personalized hashtag and you will be able to see every photo that was taken at your wedding. Using social media to plan your wedding not only bring aid to you but your guests can benefit from you placing a registry on your wedding website this can help your wedding guests see what people items that people have yet to get you.

This is going to avoid you having to return gifts that you have received twice. Social media has made it easier for the modern bride to plan her dream wedding as easy as ever. If you utilize it to its fullest potential you can save money and time and a lot of stress. Once you came back from an amazing honeymoon its time to start sending out thank you notes. But you forgot who gave you what gift! No need get stressed out just look it up on your registry online and it will tell you exactly who gave you which gift. Wedding planning made easy thanks to social media.

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