How to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic

Traffic in the real world people hate it but online people can't get enough of it you see when it comes to owning a small business you'd rather have too many people waiting in line than not enough otherwise you're out of a job, that's why boosting that traffic to your website is so critical to your success there are five tips for how you can get more traffic.

Be the voice of authority

First to get people excited about coming to your site you got to set yourself up as a voice of authority chances are you're not the only business out there of its kind you've probably got some competitors so let your visitors know you know more than the other guys, you can do this by creating useful content that your visitors actually want to read that could be blog posts ebooks or industry guides, you could answer hard questions on social media even if the questions aren't directly related to your product you can even host a webinar will upload industry related educational videos what about live tweeting a company event I mean the options are endless.

Second don't just market your product to everybody market it to somebody

Let me explain if you want to really resonate with your site's visitors find out who they are are they male or female party goers or mommy bloggers where do they live find out exactly who your target market is and then generate content that appeals to them you can do this by guest blogging answering questions on Quora or Yahoo or other websites like which allows journalists to quickly find expert sources like yourself to interview. Now my third tip is simple but gold a great way to attract traffic to your website is through partnerships many small businesses make strategic partnerships but never foster them not cool you got to take advantage of these connections by doing joint social media promotions shared giveaways and sales Trading ads on each other's websites or doing blog posts that highlight you guys working together.

Support a Cause

As for number 4 you got to support stuff humanize your brand a little let your customers know you care and then they might show you a little up Bank for example choose a cause or a non-profit that aligns with your business's values and supporting your customers will see you're more than just a money-hungry money-making machine you care about stuff just like they do all right.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

I'm gonna leave you with one last amazing tip it's called PPC or pay-per-click advertising get this PPC lets you place ads online in places where your target market is most likely to see them it almost feels like cheating whether that's on a Google search result page Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Pinterest or any other
website that allows for paid advertising, the online world is your billboard PPC advertising is the fastest way to get traffic to your website right off the bat and you only pay a fee when your ad is clicked pretty awesome right as you can see getting more traffic to your website is a combination of efforts it takes time it takes patience but in the end it leaves you with loyal customers and more of them point is some traffic great.


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