How to Promote a Website

How to Promote a Website

Picture this, you just publish your website within minutes or site is flooded with traffic and it's already paying dividend sounds too good to be true? Good because it is. Getting visitors to happen overnight it takes quite a bit of work but promoting your site doesn't have to be a daunting task here are four quick tips to start grabbing the attention your new website deserves.


Content marketing means using the content you products as leverage for engaging your audience by creating a variety of useful contents like Blog Post, Podcast webinars infographics newsletters and videos just to name a few you build credibility and trust with potential customers.

Start by determining what is actually valuable to your target audience than taylor content directly to them. Content marketing requires consistency and planning but above all else focus on keeping your content fresh and timely.


SEO consists of a variety of techniques designed to get your site places higher in search engine results and it's essential. If you don't optimized for search engines you probably won't be found by 94% of people who only do the first page of Google search results. Good SEO starts with regularly generating keyword rich content, creating a positive user experience on your site and making sure your site's internal links function correctly. Remember 93% of online experiences begin with the search engine, so getting SEO smart will help you find more potential visitors.


PPC is a paid advertising model that allows you to bid on keywords on top search engine when you win that auction your ads appear at the top of search engine results. To start utilizing PPC you need a Google AdWords account. Research keywords related to your site select them and choose your bidding amount from there you build a search campaign that involves more details – including writing your copy and choosing where your ad will run. PPC advertising isn't free.


Email marketing is a promotion strategy that involves sending one email message many people in his permission-based so customers have to opt-in. Instead of trying to reach them on social media or through organic searches, you are given access directly to their inboxes.

It's especially useful for it's real-time feedback, just keep these best practices in mind before you hit send. Permission before add new contacts to your mailing list. Make sure you proof read all your email copy for mistakes and errors and double check that all links are included were properly.

To get started sign up for an account with an email marketing service like Constant Contact they'll help you get everything you need to get your email marketing campaign up and running. To figure out which of these four marketing strategies are best for your business, analyze your options based on your goals, capabilities, and resources. There are tons of other great ways to promote your website but this will get you started.


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