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Krisp Noise Cancellation App – One Button. No Noise

Hello, all my reader in buzzshare, as you all understand that because of COVID-19 pandemic is still continuous, Some people are facing a practical problem that why many companies around the globe allowed their employees to work from home. Remote work is on the rise, and it is now becoming mainstream. To be able to work from home, you will need the right spot or professional meeting equipment to make sure that your meeting is going smoothly without any noise to disturb your boss or people in the meeting room and there is no easy solution for it.

Recently I found out about Krips with their AI technology that can reduce noise from the background, with their technology they claim to offer noise suppression without using any special equipment.

What is Krisp?

Krisp is a MacOS and Windows AI-powered noise reducing tool that effectively reduces noise in real time. It supports over 600 applications that can work with Krisp to deliver noise-free audio. The app is located between the hardware (microphone and speaker) and the video conferencing app, so whatever noise the mic picks up will be removed before it is transmitted via the video conferencing app. Krisp does all the processing on your computer so that there is no data left on your machine which, in turn, offers reduced latency. The software package is very simple and you can switch on the ON and OFF service with just one button.

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