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One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2020)

For any online business, creating a sales funnel is essential. The simple ClickFunnels sales funnel did contribute to 150 percent growth in my business's sales.

However, it can be frustrating if you are new to online selling or have never created a sales funnel before.

Where do you start? Where do you start?

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away (OFA) is a virtual 30-day program that will allow you to create the best profitable sales funnel.

The ‘One Funnel Away' Challenge, led by Trainer Russell Brunson and Coaches Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian, is designed to help you customize and execute your strategy in just 30 days.


They break down complex topics every day and send you tasks (similar to your homework) to complete for the next step.

People retain 90% of what they learn as they practice instantly. Hence, you improve your expertise as you complete the regular missions.

However, do not worry, Russell's regular activities are not too difficult to fulfill; they are nevertheless structured to keep you out of the box.

You are ready to release the first (or next) funnel into the world after the end of the 30 days.

One Funnel Away Challenge Overview

Here’s a quick overview of what you get with The One Funnel Away Challenge:

  • 6 total weeks of lessons (including the pre-training and post-training weeks)
  • 30 days of of video missions from Russell Brunson ($997 value)
  • 30 Days of coaching from Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen ($997 value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit and 30-day Plan ($247 value)
  • BONUS #1: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 value)
  • BONUS #2: MP3 Player with Russell’s Daily Lessons ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3: 30 Days Hardcover Book ($97 value)
  • BONUS #4: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197 value)
  • BONUS #5: Behind the Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 value)


(Pssst…but you can snag the whole program TODAY for only $100)

How Funnel Away Challenge Works? 

According to Russel Brunson, the CEO at ClickFunnels, the One Funnel Away Challenge is nothing else but one well-designed, strategic sales funnel away from bringing in thousands of dollars in business revenue. Indeed, there might be plenty of people out there looking to sell you on why their things are the real thing. However, the thoughts and opinions voiced are not that valuable unless you also get the first-hand experience of the same astronomical results.

The One Funnel Away Challenge allows you to experience tangible, real-world results in just 30 days with sales funnels. How can One Funnel Away challenge help me build a thriving business online?

When you take action with the OFA challenge, you will rely entirely on ClickFunnels, a sales builder, affiliate management body, email marketing tool, and funnel training video platform. The ClickFunnels has developed over the last five years. Today is a comprehensive marketing tool built specifically for the digital market and entrepreneurs who want to focus on profits with a sales funnel.

The content and delivery you’ll get through the OFA feature plenty of valuable resources such as:

  • Video missions
  • Live Coaching
  • Bonus training
  • Interviews with former OFA winners
  • Bit by bit instructions on how to develop the different kinds of funnels there are
  • How to obtain high-quality, hot traffic to your offer
  • How to build an offer if you don’t have one at the moment
  • The ability to interact with a vast community of veteran funnel builders and beginners to stay accountable as you get through the challenge.

Through the One Funnel Away Challenge, your goal remains a professional one. However, you cannot succeed without personal commitment. The OFA challenge might be for you if you are a:

  • An affiliate marketer tries to reduce time-consuming tasks such as building products but is excellent and harnessing the offers that already exist.
  • A lifestyle entrepreneur is looking to diversify your income streams.
  • A business owner ready to let everything on the side and only focus on real digital marketing strategies.
  • A novice in the ever-changing world of marketing strategies, but you need to get a step by step, established procedure to make your idea a tangible online business.
  • A Blogger who needs to develop an even more massive email list and even diverse traffic generation strategies.

For digital marketing today, sales funnels make the world go around. In this case, the OFA challenge can be by far the most affordable and highest value training program Russell Brunson has ever put together. Its sole purpose is to help online businesses drive sales and fast.

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