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Unveiling the Remarkable Efficacy of Snow Teeth Whitening: An In-Depth Examination

Snow Teeth Whitening is widely known to enhance whitening of teeth at home without having to visit a dentist. The has been a hype about this brand and this is why we decided to provide a review on Snow Whitening System and what is said by people who have used the product. The key issues that this article will address include:

  • Explanation of the Snow System
  • The cost of the Snow System
  • How the Snow Whitening System whiten the teeth.

Reasons to choose the Snow Teeth Whitening System

While ranking all available whitening kits in the market, Snow takes the lead. There are a number of reasons why several people choose Snow Teeth Whitening:

  • More than half a million customers are happy with the product.
  • The product has lasting results. 
  • Your gums are protected by the proprietary application system.
  • The kit has dental treatment that runs for one year
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money refunded.

Snow Teeth Whitening is a unique and outstanding brand in the market today. No other whitening kit matches the qualities and benefits that Snow provides to its users in the US and internationally. It is amazing that the product is not only used in the US but across the world. Therefore, no matter the country of residence, you are able to access this outstanding product.

What is Snow Teeth Whitening?

It is no doubt that people are often skeptical of whitening kits and procedures that promise so much. There are kits that seem too good to be true. Snow Teeth Whitening acknowledges this skepticism because they are also skeptic. It is the reason why the products strive to deliver what is promised. Actually, the snow system is made by skeptics to be used by skeptics.

Currently the teeth whitening technology applies LED light technology which has been revealed to be an effective technology that enhances the dental process.  LED Technology enhances the removal of stains from different sources include wine and tobacco among others.

The products also provide more than removal of stain. Snow is a locally made product as it originates from California, US. It does not contain harmful chemicals and can be used by everybody. People with sensitive teeth can now comfortably whiten their teeth without feeling the sensitivity. Children from the age of nine can also use the product.

Snow Teeth Whitening is a whitening innovation dedicated to provide quality dental care to its users. Most importantly, 5% of the sales proceeds go to assisting children across the US who are unable to access dental care to have access to better oral and dental hygiene. For the animal lovers, it is thrilling and assuring that the Snow technology is not tested on animals.

Focusing on the products, the Snow System involves comprehensive research to produce the most innovative and useful product.

There are no shortcuts in Snow development as the brand has invested a significant amount of money on continuous research to products a product with an exemplary scientific foundation. Individuals who have used Snow say that there is no need to have a professional whitening procedure done by a dentist. Most if not all Snow users have ordered their whitening kit online for teeth whitening at home.

How the Snow Teeth Whitening System Works

There are two kits of Snow Teeth Whitening system that you can choose. There is the original and the wireless kit, both with outstanding reviews. Before making a purchase, you will have to compare and choose the one that best meets your needs and lifestyle. Here, we will provide you with the major differences between the kit to ease your decision making process.

Original Kit

The original Snow Teeth Whitening is the one called the original kit and is the most renowned and preferred whitening kit across the world. It gives you whiter teeth in nine minutes a day. You can use the original kits on teeth aligning technologies such as caps, crowns, braces, and bridges. It sufficiently removes stains made by coffee, tobacco, or wine and can be used by children aged nine years and older.

What you should expect to find inside the Original Kit;

  • One mouthwash with patent-pending LED technology
  • Three whitening wands that have the advanced whitening serum to enable easy erasing of stains
  • One extra-strength whitening serum wand
  • One tracker to track your teeth whitening progress
  • A wire you can use to connect to iPhones, USB, and smartphones
  • A guarantee to have your money back if you don’t get results in 30 days
  • 5-year warranty

Using the Snow Teeth Whitening app, you will be able to control the extend you need your teeth to whiten.

The process is also not messy because you apply the whitening gel directly on your teeth using a wand provided in the kit. The process enhances even coverage, something you will not get with other kits where you fill the trays with the get and stick them inside your mouth. Other kits have a messier process, and even coverage is never guaranteed. 

Various celebrities such as Shanola Hampton, Floyd Mayweather, Rob Gronkowski, and Christopher McDonald have recommended Snow.  Wendy Williams gave it out as a gift in her show when it was first introduced to the market. 

The original Snow Teeth Whitening kit costs approximately $200. However, it may cost much less during promotions.

If you are ready to take the journey to whiten your teeth at home and affordable prices, the Original Kit would be the most suitable option as it comes with everything that you need to get that white smile you always wanted. You also get 20% off your order by registering MOM at checkout.

Snow ships the wireless kits to your location across the globe if you are not within the US. Do not let borders hinder you from achieving whiter teeth and a brighter smile!

Wireless Kit

The Snow Teeth Whitening kit is wireless, just as the name suggests. It comes with great features, just like original kit, but is more convenient due to its wireless capability, plus a little extra advantage.

You will find the following when you order a Wireless kit:

  • Wireless docking station
  • Anti-aging lip balm, wireless charging LED activating mouthpiece.
  • One desensitizing serum to prevent the development of sensitive teeth.
  • USB cable
  • Three whitening wands with professional whitening serum
  • Luxury travel case
  • One maximum strength whitening wand
  • Guarantee to have your money back if you do get desirable results in 30 days
  • 5-year warranty

The Wireless kit is also connected to an app where you can control your shade of white just like in the original kit. The wireless kit also comes with a self-sanitizing feature, and it is waterproof. You can, therefore, get white teeth as you take a shower. Another benefit is that it activates red LED technology that eliminated bad bacteria in the mouth as the blue LED whitens your teeth.

Snow Teeth Whitening Wireless kit might just the right option for you if you want to whiten your teeth on the go, and you do mid paying a little extra for convenience and innovative features. You can enter the code MOM at checkout to receive a 25% off your order when you decide to have Snow Teeth Whitening.

Reviews on Snow Teeth Whitening

Summary of kit options

If you are worried about what might happen if you run out of whitening gel, the answer is that you can purchase separate refills wherever you need more. You do not have to by a new kit. 

Both the original and wireless kits are common options, but there are various options that Snow Teeth Whitening provides, making it challenging to know which one is best for you. We have put together important information in the following table to enable you to identify the kit options snow provides clearly.

Original KitWireless Kit
DescriptionMouthpiece (x1)
Whitening wands (x3)
Extra strength whitening wand (x1)
Teeth whitening progress tracker
Wireless mouthpiece (x1)
Whitening wands (x3)
Extra-strength whitening wand (x1)
Desensitizing serum (x1)
Luxury travel case (x1)
Teeth whitening progress tracker (x1)
Where to buyGet 20% off from SnowGet 20% off from Snow

How do you use the Snow Teeth Whitening system?

Your kit comes with instructions that you should follow. If you cannot access it, you can also use the one provided on the Snow website. The instructions on how to use the system include.

  • Use a brush tip applicator to apply the whitening serum on your teeth.
  • Turn on the mouthpiece after putting it inside your mouth.
  • Let the mouthpiece stay in your mouth for nine to 30 minutes.
  • After the time elapses, use warm water to rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece.

The following are recommendations made by Snow:

  • Make sure you brush your teeth before you start the daily whitening procedure.
  • You can whiten for a maximum of 30 minutes, two times a day, to achieve faster results.
  • Store the whitening wands in the fridge to retain potency.

The whitening wand can also be twisted as many as 30 times in the initial use until the whitening gel is ejected. 

Ingredients used in Snow whitening

  • Peppermint oil
  • Glycerol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbomer
  • Deionized water
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Carbamide peroxide


One of the best features of Snow is that unlike other kits, you can buy whitening serum refills. It implies that you can use the same kit for several years by simply buying the refills wherever you need a touchup. The wands come in two sizes; the standard size with 21treatment sessions and the large size with 42 treatment sessions.

Reviews for Snow Teeth Whitener

Although we can give you all the information about the snow system, best reviews come from actual people who have tried the product. The following are some of the reviews from real Snow customers who are currently on their whitening journey or those who have completed the process.

Gena’s Review

“I cannot believe I saw results after just a few treatments!”

In her blog, Get Glammed up, Gena M writes that she loved using home-kit to whiten her teeth. Gena is a lover of coffee and red wine and often whiten her teeth once a year. She also has sensitive teeth, which make it challenging to find a kit that is not harsh on her enamel or painful. As a result, she focuses on reviewing Snow in regards to whitening sensitive teeth.

She states that Snow gives you the value alongside the lip balm and the serums. Gena has used Snow whitening system for two weeks and says it is convenient and does not cause any sensitivity. She also says that it is very convenient since it comes with a USB cord that she can plug into a smartphone and USB ports.

Use a promo code MOM at checkout to claim 25% off your order when you are ready for your whitening journey. The discount covers everything you’ll order include extra serums and accessories. Besides, you will have a guarantee of your money back if you do not get any results within 30 days.

Review from Jamaul

“It's great for those patients that are worried about tooth sensitivity.”

Jamaul shows genuine appreciation for the excellent packaging of the Snow kit. After outlining what is included in the kit, he goes straight to show the results he received after one month, showing the whitening results he received every day. He has pictures he took every day and recounts the steps he followed to achieve the outstanding results.

Jamaul used the regular teeth whitening serum for 30 minutes every night. He wanted to see the results without using the extra0strength serum. Reflecting on the whole process, he stated that he might consider using the extra-strength serum to hasten the whitening process. He did not like the amount o saliva produced while using Snow. However, he could lay down and read a book or watch TV to help with the issue. 

Review of Snow from a Dentist

Snow is an excellent choice for people who are worried about the sensitivity of their tooth.

Dr. Broumand stated that the only product he recommends to his patients is Snow. He appreciates the fact that Snow is suitable for all kinds of teeth, specifically sensitive teeth, and is convenient. His favorite feature of Snow is that the brand donates profits from its sales to children who do not have access to quality dental care. 

You can access the before and after pictures of actual patients who have completed their whitening journey from Snow websites’ whole review section. The picture will provide you with the evidence you need and the reason why Snow Teeth Whitening is termed as the “Apple of teeth whitening.”


Using Snow Whitening system is a convenient, inexpensive, and fast way to achieve whiter teeth. Snow has a special formula that does not include any harsh chemicals and ideal for people with sensitive teeth. Dentists and regular users of the products approve of the products and recommend the product. For those who consider buying from socially responsible brands, it is worth nothing that Snow makes a significant contribution to the society by helping needy children access quality dental care across the US. You also don’t have to come from the US to use the product as it can be shipped to wherever you are across the world by making an online order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is the Snow System?

There are no harsh chemicals in the product and it can also be used by people with sensitive teeth. So it is safe to use the products. Besides, even children from the age of nine can use the product without any side effect. Instead of placing the gen on a tray like other kits leading to a mess, you apply the get directly to your teeth using the wands which give you an even coverage.

Does an individual feel some pain when using the product?

Snow Whitening System does not cause any pain or any painful side effects. That is why even people with sensitive teeth also use Snow.

Is it effective?

Every person has a different type of teeth. Those who have used the product say that they have a achieved whiter teeth and brighter smile. They also say they would definitely recommend the product to a friend or colleague.

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