Tenda Router AC10 Gigabit Version 2.4GHz 5GHz

The AC10 is an 11ac dual-band router designed for homes with 200M and above. Equipped with Gigabit wired ports, supporting 200M and above fiber access, two 5G WiFi designs, 867M of WiFi access intelligent terminals, ensuring full utilization of 200 megabits and above.

It adopts 4*6dbi wall-mounted antennas, combined with Beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology,wireless coverage of 90 square meters, and can also access the Internet after wearing two walls. And support dual-band integration, automatically optimize the good frequency band; support broadband account automatic migration technology.

Equipped with Gigabit wired port to support 200M and above fiber access,two-way 5G WiFi design, 867M of WiFi access intelligent terminal,ensuring full utilization of 200M and above.
Adopting 4*6dbi through-wall antenna design, combined with Beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology, according to the user's location, the WiFi signal is aggregated into a beam direct access to the user's Internet access device, covering 90 square meters of two walls.
If you forgot broadband account password, AC10 is equipped with the latest account migration function, just connect the WAN port of the old router to the LAN port of AC10, and automatically copy the broadband account password when power is on, eliminating the trouble of installation settings.
Using high-performance 1GHz CPU and 28nm manufacturing process,it adapts to full Gigabit routing, greatly improves network data processing speed.
Equipped with the latest MU-MIMO technology, the router can simultaneously transmit data with multiple network devices, shortening the buffer time of network devices, thereby improving the router's capacity and terminal access speed.
AC10 supports APP cloud management, which can remotely control the duration of children's Internet access through mobile phones, and remove the functions of the internet.


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