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NordPass: A Simple and Secure Password Manager

NordPass makes importing and saving passwords simple. Despite several additional security features, there are still no heritage options and there are major limitations to the free version.

For each of our online accounts, few people can remember strong and varied passwords. That's fine, as password managers like NordPass can be found readily. These capabilities, team offering is an easy-to-use and streamlined service for secure access by mobile applications, web dashboards or dedicated desktop applications to your passwords. It has added some remarkable features, including a data breach scanner and health report for passwords. However, our highly qualified password managers still lack some key capabilities, and their free version isn't as impressive as competitors.

Getting Started with NordPass

NordPass makes robust password management easy to start using on every device.

Create your secure master password and download the NordPass browser extension, mobile app, or desktop app for your operating system – whether Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. NordPass supports them all.

Seamlessly store new credentials whenever you sign up for websites. NordPass will also auto-fill saved logins so you can access accounts with a single click.

With industry-leading security featuring encrypted zero-knowledge architecture, NordPass enables swift convenient access while ensuring passwords and private data remain protected behind the scenes.

Setup takes just minutes. NordPass handles everything so you can manage passwords securely to multiple devices without hassles or compromises.


NordPass offers both free and paid plans. The free version includes all the core security features but limits sharing capabilities and team management tools.

Paid personal plans start at $1.99 per month billed annually. There are also discounted 2-year plans and family plans with multiple seats. Paid plans enable premium features like emergency access, password inheritance, priority customer support, and 1GB encrypted file storage.

For teams, NordPass starts at $2.99 per user per month billed annually. Enterprise custom plans are also available.

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Main features you’ll find in the NordPass app:

  • Master password to access password vault
  • Store passwords in folders in the cloud
  • Access passwords on desktop or mobile apps
  • Generate random passwords (adjustable according to account requirements)
  • Autosave passwords when you log in to a new account
  • Autofill passwords when you revisit websites
  • Easy import for existing passwords
  • Password strength checker
  • Regular automatic backups to the cloud and syncing across devices
  • Share passwords with trusted contacts safely (avoid man-in-the-middle attacks)
  • Add encrypted notes to store other password-related information
  • Store credit card details for easy access
  • XChaCha20 encryption to secure your data
  • Zero-knowledge architecture so no one has access to your information
  • Two-factor authentication and biometric authentication
  • OCR scanning for inputting card details and other information
  • Offline mode
  • Straightforward export options

Log in your favorite websites and apps by clicking on it in a single place. With NordPass, even if you are offline, access your login credentials on any device.

Why do I need a password manager?

Here are some of the main reasons why using a password manager like NordPass is beneficial:

  1. Stronger, unique passwords – A password manager allows you to use long, complex, unique passwords for every account without having to remember them. The built-in password generator creates strong passwords for you. This is far more secure than reusing simple passwords.
  2. Convenience – NordPass fills in login credentials for you automatically across websites and apps. You only have to remember one master password instead of dozens. It also saves an incredible amount of time over entering passwords manually.
  3. Reduced risk from breaches or malware – With unique passwords for every account, if one service you use suffers a data breach, hackers won't be able to access your other accounts because the passwords will be completely different.
  4. Organized password storage – It's easy to lose track of old accounts and what passwords you used for them. NordPass neatly stores and organizes all your login credentials so you always have access to them when needed.
  5. Password sharing within teams – Securely share passwords with a spouse, coworkers, family members, or teammates who need access without exposing the credentials in insecure ways like through email.
  6. Works across all devices – With apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux plus seamless browser integration, NordPass enables you to conveniently and securely access your passwords on any device, anywhere.

So, if convenience, security, and organization around passwords sound helpful to you, give NordPass serious consideration. Proper password hygiene goes a very long way!

Forget password resets!

  • Don’t lose access to accounts that matter just because you forgot a password — always find it in NordPass.
  • When creating new accounts, save your details in a click. Have them handy even if you log in only once in a while.
Password Manager

Free your memory

  • Your memory isn’t infinite, but the NordPass vault is. Store unlimited passwords and secure notes in a single place.
  • NordPass syncs your passwords across all devices so you’d have them ready wherever you are.
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Browse and shop faster!

  • NordPass recognizes your favorite websites and automatically fills your login details when signing in.
  • Do you shop online frequently? Store your credit card details and shipping information for a smoother checkout.
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NordPass provides robust encryption, intuitive interface and apps, secure record sharing, and team/business capabilities at competitive pricing. For those already using NordVPN, NordPass makes an excellent integrated password management solution. The zero-knowledge encryption architecture sets it apart as an industry leader in privacy and security. Give NordPass a try today to take control of password hygiene and account security across your digital life.

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