Password Managers: Unlocking Secure and Convenient Password Management

Password manager is a digital safe that encrypts and stores your login credit card details, generates strong passwords and auto-fills them.

It remembers your passwords, so you don’t need to. It also helps you organize them, fill in login forms with a click, and autosave new passwords when you visit unknown websites.

A password manager protects your accounts by using mathematical formulas called encryption algorithms. They scramble your passwords to look gibberish if anyone breaks into your password manager vault. Only you can see them. You no longer need to reuse the same old password with a password manager. You can create and use strong, unique passwords to make your accounts even more secure.

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Should I use a password manager?

In today's digital world, most people have dozens, if not hundreds, of online accounts that require passwords – email, social media, banking, shopping sites, and more. Trying to manually create and remember unique, complex passwords for each account is incredibly difficult and unrealistic for most people. This leads to poor password habits like reusing the same password everywhere or using weak, easy-to-guess passwords. These bad habits significantly increase vulnerability to account hacks, data breaches, and identity theft.

Password managers are recommended to anyone with at least a few online accounts; they solve these problems by securely storing solid and random passwords for each account and logging you into sites automatically.

  • Convenience – You only have to remember one strong master password instead of dozens of unique passwords for each account. The password manager will autofill passwords for you when logging into sites.
  • Security – Password managers generate and store strong, random passwords for each account. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to crack the passwords compared to reused or weak passwords.
  • Automatic password changes – Many password managers can automatically change stored passwords periodically to stay ahead of potential breaches. This saves you time and effort.
  • Password generator – The built-in password generator in password managers creates secure passwords with ease. No more struggling to come up with new passwords yourself.
  • Cross-platform access – Leading password managers sync across desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. This allows easy access to your vault no matter where you are.
  • Audit log – Password managers keep a record of password changes and logins so you can monitor account activity.
  • Browser integration – Many password managers integrate with web browsers for easy autofill and password capture during account creation.

With a password manager, you gain convenience, security, and peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about forgetting passwords or which passwords you used for which account. Logging in becomes fast and straightforward with auto-fill. Your funds are protected by far stronger passwords that would be impossible for a human to crack. Your data stays safe even during breaches since sites only have access to the randomly generated password, not your master password.

For these significant benefits, adopting a dedicated password manager is considered a cybersecurity best practice today and is highly recommended for just about anyone with online accounts. The main downside is you must remember the master password.

How to use NordPass?

save passwords as you browse

Save and store passwords as you browse

With NordPass, you don’t need to leave your browser to save login credentials. Just log into an account once, and the app will prompt you to save your details in a click.

access passwords anytime

Access login credentials anywhere, anytime

There are situations in life when you need your passwords here and now. That’s why NordPass is created to always be at hand. Use it on desktop, mobile, browser, or even when you’re offline.

log in to online accounts

Log into your online accounts faster

NordPass recognizes your favorite websites, and every time you visit them, it offers to autofill your details for you. Logging into your accounts with NordPass is as easy as 1,2,3.

shop effortlessly

Shop online quickly and effortlessly

No need to go looking for your wallet when shopping online. Save your credit card details securely with NordPass. Use them to check out and wait for your delivery.

NordPass offers many more features to simplify your life online. Discover all Features

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